• “This really is a page-turner of laughter and tears”

    The Courier Mail

  • “Funny and moving, it tells the story of our times”

    The Age

  • “The most surprising and inspiring read I have had in years”

    Russell Crowe

The Happiest Refugee

The following is a 5 star review from B. Owen Baxter (Bookseller and Publisher magazine)

“The Happiest Refugee” is both Anh Do’s debut in the literary industry, and a bruisingly honest depiction of his life to date. The book starts with Do’s parents meeting and falling in love in war torn Vietnam, and tracks a young Anh as he and his family journey from their homeland to a refugee camp in Malaysia and finally Australia.

Do then goes on to show the reader the pleasures and pitfalls of growing up in Australia as an outsider. One important thing I noticed about his attitude to events in his life is just how unconditionally grateful he is to have experienced even the bad.

He could very well be the next A.B. Facey (“A Fortunate Life”).

The hardest hitting part is just how wonderfully bipolar it can make the reader feel. When you think you’re about to die from laughing, Do wrenches your heartstrings so hard that within an instant you’re on the brink of crying.

The way Do approaches his story is witty, charming, and heart-warming. This book has everything: war, escape, pirates, love, courage, racism, alcoholism, comedy, tragedy and hope. Above all, this book radiates hope.

This is the kind of book that should be a mandatory read in all Australian schools. That being said, it should appeal to anybody from ages 15 to 50 and will show anybody who reads it just how much they have to be grateful for.


  • Winner, ABIA (Australian Book Industry Awards) Book of the Year
  • Winner, ABIA Biography of the Year 2011
  • Winner, ABIA Newcomer of the Year 2011
  • Overall Winner, Indie Book of the Year Award 2011
  • Winner, Non-fiction Indie Book of the Year 2011
  • Winner, The 2011 Nielsen BookData Booksellers’ (ABA) Choice Award

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  • Winner, Australian Children's Book of the Year 2014

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The Little Refugee


Anh Do's inspirational story about his family's incredible escape from war-torn Vietnam and his childhood in Australia, told especially for children.

Giant waves crashed down on our little boat. I was terrified but my mum hugged me tight and told me, 'Everything will be okay. Don't worry, it will be okay.'

Anh Do nearly didn't make it to Australia. His entire family came close to losing their lives as they escaped from war-torn Vietnam in an overcrowded boat. It was a dangerous journey, with murderous pirates and terrifying storms, but they managed to survive. Life in suburban Australia was also hard for a small boy with no English and funny lunches. But there was a loving extended family, lots of friends, and always something to laugh about for Anh, his brother Khoa and their sister Tram. And eventually for a young Anh, who tried hard to see the bright side of life no matter what the difficulty, there was triumph. The Little Refugee tells the uplifting and inspiring childhood story of one of Australia's favourite personalities